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Itʼs a Wizard's Duel!

Challenge rival wizards in this magical duel of animal shape-shifting!

Gather Spellstones, collect Elemental powers, and shop for Alchemist Items to wreak havoc on your foes with bombshell surprises. Use Spellstones to transform into various animals – it’s a fox vs. hen in this magic arena of chaos. And, yes…Pink Dragons!

Choose your cards wisely and keep your wizard hat brim low, because the stakes get high in this fast-pace, exciting clash of mythical mayhem. May the best Wizard Win!

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What's Included:

  1 Cloth bag

48 Spellcards

 4 Wizard Transformation decks

24 Plastic card sliders

60 Acrylic Spellstones

  1 Headmaster Crystal Ball

  1 Spell Book Box

Lauren Roundy
Lauren RoundySaltCON, Layton, UT
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"It was GREAT! We had a great time, and can't wait for your Kickstarter to launch! My favorite part of the game was winning on my first try (Beginner's luck I'm sure). I like the social/bluffing elements of the game. I always like that in games. The gems/jewels were cool. The art on the cards was AWESOME. Obviously, the plague card was awesome and I loved every time someone shouted "Bring out your dead!" I'm sure everyone says that. SaltCON, Layton, UT
Matt Lang
Matt Lang
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"I keep coming back to this game in my mind when I think about [SaltCon] and I’m really looking forward to playing it again! I liked that it had an element of betting. The pieces were amazing and juicy looking. I wanted to eat them, they looked like candy. The surprises were when on the second round of betting, you'd see other people try to hedge their bets and get scared, and I really liked that aspect. I liked seeing my nephew get the hang of betting - his concept of money is horrible and he was able to understand risk and rewards and saving and that was pretty awesome. "
Caleb Sundsted
Caleb Sundsted@SoundsLikeCrow
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WIZARDZ BLUFF is a fantastic innovation on the bluffing game genre. The amount of depth to be found in such a quick game is really amazing. It really captures the spirit of a game like Sheriff of Nottingham, while keeping it short enough that no one gets too upset. The core mechanic of the game can be grasped in a single round, and the spell cards gained throughout the game change the context and the stakes of the round in a fun way. "