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Jayson Smith

is a board game enthusiast and designer. He enjoys the puzzles and social interaction found in modern board games. He and his seven brothers have been entertaining and inventing games for as long as he remembers. With his brother, Ron they founded Gold Cauldron Games. As a registered nurse and nurse practitioner student, he believes board games can help to heal and deal with loss and disability. He hopes to spread this message, and his love of games.

Ron Smith

has a talent for transforming complexities into simple, intuitive concepts. His mechanical engineering background and entrepreneurial drive are key for understanding manufacturing and the business side of the game industry. He always finds the best ways to make things practical and concise. He is literally a born leader, being the oldest of eight boys, and leading in all entertainment family gatherings. He is revered by friends and family for his creativity and ingenuity

Nathan McGee

is a creative genius. Expert story-weaver, skilled artisan, and master tinker. He comes from a line of entertainers who know what it takes to making the masses happy. He has worked over two decades in the digital media industries, from working with the team that brought us Mafia Wars, to working with Lucasfilms.