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Print and Play


These are digital files of Wizardz Bluff that allows you to print and play it at your home. It does require a good amount of crafting skills. If you run into problems creating these components and cards, you may find some online forums useful. A good resource on Facebook is Martin Gonzalvez’s group Martin’s Print and Play Hideaway This community is very helpful in getting you started and pointed in the right direction.

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PDF copies of the Wizardz Bluff game:

  • 4 wizard decks of 12 cards in four colors (Red, White, Blue, and Green)
  • 8 Wizard score mats (two wizards in each color) [Exclusive to Print and Play]
  • 48 hex tokens of Spellstones
  • 12 hex tokens of Gold Stones
  • Cut out stand for Headmaster token
  • (optional) flat Headmaster token
  • 48 Elemental Spellcards (12 in each element)
  • 16 Elemental trackers [Exclusive to Print and Play]
  • 4 Wizard score tracking pawn tokens [Exclusive to Print and Play]
  • Rule book


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